Recommended Products

  • Plate mold
    Product description: plastic material: AL380
    2-plate mould, mould steel is used in 8407, pay attention to slagging
    Plate mold
  • Injection rubber mould
    Product descriptiom: plastic material: TPE
    direct gate,stripper plate, enjection, underults
    Injection rubber mould
  • Toy mould
    Product description: plastic material: PC
    2-plate mould, edge gate ,mould steel NAK80
    Toy mould
  • bottle mold
    Product description:plastic material:PP PE
    make many kinds of extrude blow mould or injection blow mould
    bottle mold
  • Double-shot injection cover mold
    Product description: plastic material: ABS TPE
    2-plate mould, hot runner ,one molding ABS,core rotate 180° molding TPE
    Double-shot injection cover mold
  • Press box mould
    Product description: plasr=tic material: PP
    3-plate mould, two point sub-gate,mould have muti interlude.mould steel is 718H
    Press box mould
  • Printer side plate mould
    Product description: plastic material: PC+ABS
    3-plate mould, pin point into edge gate
    Printer side plate mould
  • Double shot injection cover mol
    Product description: plastic material: ABS+TPV
    1 cavities ,hot runner mould, one molding ,ABS, two molding TPV
    Double shot injection cover mol

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